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Tokenomics & Distribution

[last updated Apr. 10, 2024]

Current Condition of $PAGE token

Audit of major smart contracts on Ethereum
40M $PAGE tokens have been issued to date. See distributions below.

ChainTreasuryLiquidity Pools
OsmosisMain DAO - 10M $PAGE
Core Team - 2.37M $PAGE
C&P - 4.56M $PAGE
C&P (MediaCraft) - 67.5K $PAGE
R&D - 4.9M $PAGE
Osmosis Pool
EthereumGnosis Safe Multisig - 272,000 $PAGEUniswap v2 Pool
PolygonGnosis Safe Multisig - 40,000 $PAGESushiSwap
Optimismn/aUniswap v2 Pool

Page Token Issuance Schedule 2024

AllocationsNotes$PAGE Amount
Liquidity & IncentivesIssued throughout 2024.9,000,000
Community & PublishingIssued to partners and participants who help build PageDAO and technology.6,000,000
Research & DevelopmentIssued by R&D department to developers and other assisting community members.6,000,000
AirdropsIssue to aligned communities during 2024 to bootstrap a powerful community around PageDAO’s initiatives.6,000,000
Core Team & Team GrowthIssue to team to incentivize participation & involvement and bootstrap initiatives for team growth.3,000,000
Total Issued 1/1/2024Sum of all tokens issued on Jan. 1, 2024.30,000,000
Circulating SupplyTotal amount of $PAGE token currently in circulation.40,000,000
Max SupplyMax amount of $PAGE that will ever be minted.100,000,000