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PageDAO welcomes organizations with a shared mission of supporting decentralized literature. Is your org helping to publish work in Web3? We'd love to have your voice heard in our operations!

New Bridging Guide

Have $PAGE on Polygon or Ethereum and want to bridge? Check out our quick bridging guide.

PageDAO and Secret Network

PageDAO is a recent Q1 2024 grant recipient from Secret Network. Our goal is to build the next generation of privacy-first publishing. We'll see you at Eth Denver!

Stake your $PAGE to Vote

We need your voice! If you are a reader, writer, or publisher interested in the direction, design, economics, and future of PageDAO, stake your tokens in our DAODAO governance platform to vote and create proposals.

Publications by PageDAO Authors

Vagobond Magazine

Vagobond Magazine

A Web3 Lifestyle Magazine with tons of great articles created by CD Vagobond.
Fraud: A How-To Guide

Fraud: A How-To Guide

One of many legal analysis publications by cryptoversalbooks.eth
Effective Cybernetic Coordination

Effective Cybernetic Coordination

T. Dylan Daniel, philosopher, makes sense of the emergent intersection of technology and collective consciousness

PageDAO Milestones

The Genesis of PageDAO

PageDAO's journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to revolutionize the world of storytelling by integrating the innovative capacities of Web3 technology. Our founders, united by their passion for literature and belief in the potential of blockchain, embarked on this journey to create a space where writers and readers could thrive in a decentralized, equitable, and forward-thinking ecosystem.

PageDAO Core Team

T. Dylan Daniel
With a background in philosophy and a passion for blockchain technology, Dylan brings a unique perspective to the world of digital storytelling. His journey from academia to Web3 innovator has been foundational in shaping PageDAO's mission.
CD Damitio
Web3 publisher, activist, and PageDAO promoter CD hosts Web3 spaces, is cofounder of blockchain advocacy groups, and a blockchain publishing evangelist.
Rionna Morgan
Rionna's expertise in community building and her deep understanding of the literary world are instrumental in fostering the collaborative and supportive environment that PageDAO is known for.
Robbie Pollock
Robbie's creative vision and dedication to the intersection of storytelling and technology have ensured that PageDAO becomes a vibrant and inspiring space for writers and readers alike. His contributions have been key to cultivating this platform.
Greg Fishbone
Greg’s extensive experience in blockchain and his innovative approach to technology have been crucial in developing PageDAO's platform, making it both user-friendly and cutting-edge.
DragoNate is a Discord wizard. He has helped build, run and moderate multiple servers & is a strong support role for many projects. His expertise with all things Discord & helpful attitude will be invaluable for PageDAO's mission.