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Press Release - January 25, 2024


PageDAO is thrilled to announce its selection as a grant recipient in the SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1’24 Cohort, an initiative by Secret Network to provide dedicated financial, technical, and marketing support to projects building on the Secret Network blockchain. PageDAO will be teaming up with FiftyWei and GOV.DAO on innovative new technology to provide privacy-first book ownership.

The SCRT Labs Grants Program, operating on a quarterly basis, received over 20 grant applications within the six weeks since its relaunch. After careful consideration, PageDAO, in collaboration with FiftyWei, has been chosen as one of the five teams working on four distinct projects in the Q1’24 Cohort.

PageDAO, in conjunction with FiftyWei, aims to create a decentralized application (dApp) that enables users to own published content assets and transact with those assets on public EVM-based blockchains using Secret Network. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both teams to achieve shared goals efficiently.

"We are excited to be part of the SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1’24 Cohort," said T. Dylan Daniel, cofounder and Head of Governance at PageDAO. "This grant will significantly contribute to the development of our project, empowering users to securely transact with content assets on the Secret Network."

The SCRT Labs Grants Program Q1’24 Cohort also includes other innovative projects:

  • Reclaim Protocol: Making web2 traffic verifiable using zero-knowledge proofs.

  • dCasino: Building a decentralized, privacy-preserving casino platform on Secret Network.

  • GOV.DAO: Developing private governance tooling for EVM chains.

The selected projects are already in development, and SCRT Labs will provide dedicated support to maximize their chances of success. Updates on the progress of these projects will be shared over the coming weeks.

About SCRT Labs

SCRT Labs is the development and innovation arm of Secret Network, supporting projects building on the Secret Network blockchain through the SCRT Labs Grants Program. For more information, visit [SCRT Labs’ Website].

About PageDAO

PageDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the world of literature. By fostering a community of writers, readers, and tech enthusiasts, PageDAO is at the forefront of redefining storytelling in the digital age. From here, PageDAO plans to continue executing on the project of the Web3 Books Standards Group of 2023 as well as the more generalized tooling that the Page Open Source Project was founded to provide to the space.

For more information about PageDAO and our latest upgrades, please visit

Contact Information: Rionna Morgan Community Lead PageDAO [email protected]