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Participate in Governance

Join PageDAO as an Individual

  1. To join PageDAO and make your voice heard, make sure you have $PAGE tokens on the Osmosis network. If you need to move tokens from Ethereum or Polygon, please check our bridging guide. If you are a DAO, please see the partner guide.
  2. Go to the PageDAO section of the DAODAO dApp and log in with your wallet.

  1. Go to "Manage your $PAGE.grv Stake" and select an amount to stake. The amount you choose to stake reflects your voting weight. Staking rewards will be enabled by the end of Q2 2024, and staking allows you to vote and participate in subdaos.

Check out the Proposals

Proposals allow PageDAO to take on-chain actions directly based on member votes. It's a super-secure form of organizational management. Proposals are public and anyone can view the on-chain record of PageDAO's collective decision making.

Vote on a Proposal

When you see a new proposal, place your vote and make your voice heard! Feel free to discuss in the PageDAO discord.