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Space Pirates



Part 1: The Invasion



AUG 6 2021

Captain is getting through. 50/50 chance of passing through safely. Dialogue between AI and captain. “It’s happening.” He’s unsure and thinks to himself. “but we go through it.They’re going to Pluto to invade And And they’re running low on spore. The first thing they would have built is the security module and the slaves - the Plutonians have gone way, way, too far. As long as they’re 50km away, they should be safe

The drone specialist of the pirates, once they have no activity, set up into geosynchronistic orbit - they can’t be detected. It’s an eye in the sky. A couple of snipers take position on the hill.
It' A trail is laid of ice fungi that the ice-roly-polys love. A dozen guys in on the attack ambush, and they pounce on em.

One gets shot. The idiot commander.

“Why’d you fire the roly polys?” “I don’t know man, we just did it…..duh.”

Obviously the pirates have a lot of freakout, the dumb guards shoot the

Hit it against the sensor, door opens.

The Head Of Security. Also an idiot. T thinks the stupid guards are breaking protocol. - Hhe’’s wrong. A dozen pirates are standing on-guard and prepared.

Diamond Beard squints.

Head of Security quakes in his boots. He orders security to stand down. Unsurprisingly, nepotism is no replacement for competence.

The element of surprise is used to make big moves - they have more air control, because they’re only ones with the battle hard ship.

The ice polys stood in a little group away from where the pirates’ ship had landed. Their crew approached the ice poly circle, led by Captain Diamondbeard

A lot of the action scene you just described could be narrated by comms coming in on the bridge, the soldiers are reporting back.

All of the pirates heard a voice in their heads as they climbed out of the crater, “hello, we are oppressed and the spore suggests you are allies…”

It was all heat, flash, and whirlwind. And the battleship exploded.

These assholes were just bragging about how much spore they had, and it was scheduled for departure - how narrow-sighted they were. So much spore, so much arrogance. Now they have neither. And that’s not all. The ground shakes, their cocktails spill, and smoke billows up.

This was his crowning jewel to the legacy he spent these months building. Officers running, bureaucrats scrambling - but it’s too late.


AUG 13 2021

The alarms have started to go off. The warship has blown up, the signal is ruined - but whereas the imperialists don’t have their way of contacting Earth, some members still have access to back-up escape ships. Our pirates are already on their way out - but they’ve got a tail. The pirates crew is on edge - our captain is too confident given the risk, they think. Yet in his eyes he is envisioning something far more hopeful.

Some to reinforce the mines, some to go to the security station. The mines are vacuum protected - the imperialists open the door, the slaves get to work, and the door is sealed when the day is done. Such plans do not fare well with the pirates - with assurance there will be no casualties, the doors had been blown off before the pirates’ getaway. The depressurising is not something to take lightly - and henchman’s eyes popping out Total Recall style won’t be taken lightly in their last painful moments either. But, revolution was never without a few eggs broken.

Some eggs get scrambled - and the captain is scrambling for the right button to deal with the escape ships tailing them on their escape - he is screwed right now, and his technology has been fried. Dogfights make no sound in space.

The captain’s knowledge of the reified Solar Tzu’s Art of War fares well in theory - but in practice, the captain has hardly seen enough battles to deal with what he is faced with today. Wars are better won, but soldiers are better alive - and with the captain knowing that his missiles mean less than his survival, he launches almost all of them in his last bid to get somewhere safe - for now. One last boost to save a weary captain’s weary soul.

But, there’s nowhere else but down. If the captain had any wits about him, the Imperial Headquarters was the last place he’d crash. But, in the captain’s luck, the infrastructure and collective ease of the imperials is severely weakened. If he can find some crew members to aid him on what might be a stand-off, he might have a chance. The imperials have nothing but their handguns, whereas they assumed their tech was all-powerful.

Diamond Beard opens a dialogue, and the Imperials hear him speak upon noticing him leaving his wreck;

“We’re not trying to kill you, but you’ve abused people in this solar system for far too long. We’re going to free the slaves, and we’re going to give the spore to everyone who needs and deserves it.”

The captain gives them a chance to come to a truce.

We’re going to work something out,” - the CEO lies.

Of course, the CEO plans for an ambush - but their tech hardly works at this point. THE CEO is slimy and conniving but still severely weakened. The Captain, eyes still gleamy with that hope he is envisioning, had but a fair chance still.

CH3: Parley?

AUG 20 2021

NOte: CEO chose the life of the harsh world of centralised business in this flashback. The captain has chosen chivalry and emotional maturity and Robinhoodness with what he’s been through.

20th August 2021 - The Truce

An obnoxiously fancy dining table - one of the few recovered. The CEO has more legs of meat and fancy space champagne than he knows how to keep down. Diamond Beard eats reservedly, of course. The pirate captain didn’t always go the straight way, but he knew when enough was enough. The CEO tears another joint of meat like no-one’s watching.

“You know, you’re not so bad yourself, Diamond Beard.” he quaffs, hardly keeping his mouth closed.

The Captain shows clear disgust. The captain takes his time with eating food, knowing himself he should never be a glutton. But - you can’t double cross on an empty stomach.

“You know,” the CEO continues with a hidden touch of smug, “you really figured out a good strategy to getting on this planet, collateral and all,” he brazzenly laps up a spoonful of black stew, “I’m really surprised. You know, you could do well working for us, with your skill set and engenuinity. Would you like some?”

The Captain is signalled to the black stew. It’s the finest food and drink on the planet. The Captain knows the chance to eat like this again wouldn’t come around for a long time, if ever. The Captain stays silent.

The CEO holds a friendly smile, but his eyes dance with a scheming.

“Or maybe some pie? Our dessert here is the best in the quadrant, I would add - they just make it so good.” One signal and pie is immediately placed on the table, like it stares at Diamond Beard.

“Or some wine? You look parched and have had a rough couple of days.”

“My water is plenty, thank you.”

“Suit yourself,” the CEO seethes.

Away in the distance, a security guard opens a closet. A red hair earring falls out, made of silver. The guard closes the door in shock, and the CEO, upon noticing the strange reaction of the guard, gets back to the Captain.

“But I will have this,”

The Captain takes out a cigar - one from the CEO’s inventory earlier. He won’t accept gifts, but no normal pirate wouldn’t be without picking up some loot.

CH4: The Smoking Room

AUG 27 2021

“What’s your attitude?”

“What attitude?”

“We’ve known each other most of our lives now. I know how you think, I know how you’ve looked up to me. What did you think your little plan would actually accomplish, besides me crushing you under my thumb?”

The CEO lights his cigar confidently with a striking match, looking off, as though the Captain wasn’t even there.

The Captain has other ideas, and stares waringly into the distance too, a poker-face more authentic than the charlatan Chief Officers. Why the CEO has an ego so inflated to warrant this kind of abuse escapes the Captain’s reasoning.

The CEO goes from fake smugness, to frustration, to concern.

“Why won’t you speak back to me?” The CEO snaps in hesitation masked as control.

From conflict to explosion. The Captain throws his cigar down to an explosive device concealed in his holster. The Captain’s plan to bamboozle the CEO with smoke and mirrors do not work, for the CEO understands and as he is much more physically strong, is on our Diamond Beard with eyes now like a hawk. However, the CEO collapses without warning, and a meek man in rags introduces himself from the shadows.

“Who are you?” asks the Captain.

“I’m Trident. I poisoned his cigar earlier. I was waiting for the effects long enough to take hold.”

“Even these cigars? I thought these Pluto-Weed cigars were pre-rolled?”

“This is true, but I was the roller.”

The Captain’s eyes widen.

“And talk about being caught with your pants down!” a voice from the door shouts.

In walks a young lady with red hair and a pantless pirate with one earring missing.

“Long Johnson Silver! Where have you been?”

“Enough of these reunions, gentle pirate-men. If you want to survive, you must follow me, for I know the innerworkings of this whole corrupt system’s tunnels.”

CH5: The Tunnel Plight

SEPT 1 2021

Trident leads the two pirates through a darkened tunnel. They’re going to SPORE BAR.

“I’ve been a slave for thirty years here. I’ve been planning an escape but not without my fellow slaves. There are 52 main tunnels each with 18 offshoots, and they connect directly with the main hub and allow for efficient travel.”

Diamond Beard stares.

“Are you even listening to me right now?”

Diamond Beard notices the Space-Weed is starting to kick in. He can’t feel his legs. An invisible headband is wrapped around his cranium.

“I need to know if you can focus on what I’m saying, Sir.”

“Do they serve pizza in these tunnels?”

Trident stares silently in disbelief.

“How high are you?” Long Johnson Silver asks.

“I’m good, how are you?”

There is more silence.

“But I must say, do they serve pizza in these tunnels?”

CH6: The Bar of the Slaves

SEPT 3 2021 be written


Yeah maybe the crew are drinking also. If the captain and ceo are having a few maybe the crew are allowed also? I don’t know! If the captain celebrates the crew do to.

crew on stand by. long john is was trying the CEO's Assistant(who was trying to kill long Johnson)

they interrupt the meeting and trident is trying to get the captain and crew out of there

August 17, 2021 ~ 35.0768305, -106.5958213

There ain’t no party like a pirate party ~ because a pirate party don’t ship, see?

We’d had the ship for as long as I could remember, and although it was on paper as Voyager Esi 43512, the boys and I called it Sarasota’s Revenge. Can you believe that 37 of us are from the Floridian Sector? Sure, that leaves another 462 troops, but when you think about that Ihatov Intergalactic is pulling from, well, the intergalactic community, ~CB

Part 2 - Dazerine Takes the Torch


CH7: [???]

Sorry now it’s long and unedited

Basic premise

  • Pantsless man was only perceived by captain cos he was so stoned
  • Escape pod name of bar, keg room is under bar where they need to go.
  • To get the bartender away they say that someone has smuggled free drink into the bathroom. “They be no free drink on my watch” and with a fury the barman leapt the counter and ran to the bathroom, leaving a few beers bottles fall to the floor behind him
  • They escape(edited)

Added: The party lead themselves out of the room where the ceo lay prostrate on the floor, sleepily mumbling about mutiny. They run some decks and follow the sounds of merrymaking to find there way to the saloon, aptly named ‘The Escape Pod’ where the crew are celebrating. It is thronged with glassy eyed pirates roaring off key space shanty’s enthusiastically. They huddle together to blend in, breathless but glad for the distance they had made. “We need to make it to the keg room. It’s under the bar and it connects to a tunnelling system that could lead use out of here.” “What about the man with no pants? Will he come also?” The captain spoke slowly, chewing his words and licking his lips after. “Who?” They all look at him quizzically. “You mean Long Johnston Silver? He’s not pantsless, he’s just wearing tan pants.” “Really”, the captain replies slowly. “I could have swore that he had no pants…” “Maybe we mixed up the doses of Pluto weed” said trident with concern, “How high are you?” “Oh, I’m fine, how are you?” answered Diamond Beard in a chipper way. “Are you feeling okay?” “I feeling a bit spaced out…” “Well we are in space I suppose…but are you okay to continue?” “To be honest I don’t know how to continue since I don’t know what we were talking about…” Diamond Beard trails off incoherently as Trident takes a calming breath. It was just like babysitting his younger sister when they were young. “Stay here, don’t talk” he commanded and the captain nodded his head in consent. While this was happening the others had taken stock of the situation, ignoring the blubbering exchange as best they can.

“There’s just the bartender to contend with…we need some way to distract him so we can access the hatch to the keg room,” the red haired damsel says. Diamond bread scratched his bread loudly. “Hey, do you guys think there’s pizzas in those tunnels?” he asked. “Great question” the slave quips, barely hiding an eye roll. “Lets make findings that out priority number one. We just need to find a way to get the bartender away from the bar so we can sneak down.” “Great, but how do you suggest we do that?” asks Long Johnston Silver. He looks through the crowd to see a large, tattooed beast manning the bar; opening bottles with his teeth and towering over his customers. “Just leave that to me” Trident replied. Without another word, he slips from the group and disappears into the crowd. After deftly side-stepping a weeping pirate pinning for a Venusian beauty he left at the docks, he approaches the bar.

He muscles his way to the front of the crowd, staring down some other bleary eyes customers who attempt to push and pull him out of the way like an antagonist tide. As a slave you have to learn be good at being seen when you have to be or being invisible when you don’t. “Hey barman!” he shouts. The towering barman turns slowly and looks up to find the voice in the crowd. He spits on the dirty rag he is using to wipe a beer glass. “

Yes, slave” he says gruffly with an emphasis on the word slave.

“Can I have a glass please?”

“Of what?” the barman snorts.

“Just an empty glass, thanks. There’s someone who has smuggled in a load of Pluto pilsners in the toilet and they are giving it away for free!”

The barman turns red.

The change in colour fills his face like mercury rising in a thermometer.

“WHAT!” he shouts.



With agility unbefitting his stature, the barman leaps the counter and pushes some bemused revellers out of his way as he runs to the bathroom. With a firm shoulder the bathroom door splinters. Unsatisfied the barman grunts loudly and steps back to take another strike at it. But Trident has already turned away. Lord help who ever was in that bathroom now. Tackle a mans wage and tackle his pride, he thought to himself. He quickly summoned the rest of his party.

Seeing the signal they shuffle through the drunken pirates and through the haze of stale beer and the stink of unwashed clothes and make their way to the bar and wrench the hatch to the keg room open. A stairs descends into darkness with just a small bulb reflecting some kegs below. “Let’s go!” Trident yells

“Will there be people there I don’t know?”

Diamond Bread chimes in with worry in his voice. There is a collective sigh as they push Diamond Beard down the hatch, all wondering how someone so high could ever become a captain at all.

3rd September - the CEO Twitches

He flinches. He stretches. He groans in agony. Colours and shapes flash Harry Butt Musk’s mind. The CEO has been down-trodden. He collapses again, passed out, and full of intoxicants.

It’s sunny again. His limbs don’t ache like they used to. It’s his first day of high school. With him is his best friend.


Perhaps they fight over a girl. Diamond Beard is slightly more meagre but better with women. The CEO becomes bitter and resentful and decides that money, power, and callousness to those he used to try and show affection for is what he will deem valuable for the rest of his life.

The CEO awakes.

When drugging someone's pluto weed, the same effects are typical. The victim will sleep for about an hour, but after that there are very few residuals. Harry awakes to find the rush of anger pumping through him. Or maybe it's anxiety ~ he never stops to consider the difference between the two. Without fully recognizing where he is, or how he ended up like slop on the floor, Harry reaches for the alarm button he always keeps on his person.

It’s payback time.


Is Diamond Beard - Michael Sackson Musk? Donald B. Musk?

Part 3 - ???

PREMISE Maybe the girl that they are fighting over - it’s not her choice. Although they were all in school together their paths started to diverge and their ideas started to misalign. Despite this they still stayed firm friends. The captain was a free spirit and he wanted to travel and not settle down. He planned on adventure and interstellar travel whereas the ceo was more pragmatic and wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and inherit the family business. He had a wealthy upbringing and good strong ties whereas the captain was from working class; intelligent, diligent and got in to college/ school on a scholarship. They both talk of being in love with a girl but the ceo says that his way of life would suit her better. [ 22:20 ] SCENE Between classes they were talking with text books strewn about the lawn in front of them. The ceos books were neat and well kept, with coloured tabs poking out, while the captain’s were tatty and weather worn; the cracked spines scrawled with the names of previous owners. They sat on a small hill outside the school. The captain was lying on his back staring at the clouds, sleepily chewing on a pen. The ceo was hunched over some heavy text book, furiously scribbling notes. [ 22:22 ] “You’d have to admit, she carries herself very well,” the captain said dreamily. “What…who?” the ceo asked distractedly barely glancing from his notes. “Amber.” “Amber who?” “Amber Gates.” “Amber from Art & NFT History?” the ceo asked. His writing slowed a small bit at her name and he stole a quick sideways glance at his friend. “Yes. She’s got a fine gait. Good commanding shoulders. And there’s a twinkle in her eye, have you noticed?” “I have not. I been focusing on history in history class, call me old fashioned.” “Aha, maybe she reserves the twinkle just for me!” the captain said with a laugh. “Oh please, you’ve never spoken to her!” his friend scoffed. “I have to! I once borrowed a pen off her. It was love at first sight.” The ceo tutted under his breath. “Is that the pen that you are now currently chewing on like a cow?” “Ah no. I think I lost that one almost immediately. Haha! It was a bloody nice pen too…” [ 22:23 ] “Hmmm,” the ceo snorted. “And what’s that supposed to mean?” the captain said as he turned to his friend. “Oh, nothing. It would never last.” “What do you mean?” “You pick up adventures like I pick up books” he said. “You’d get bored of her after a while. You go searching the horizon for some new exploit instead. You’d feel shackled by a traditional marriage. I mean you can’t even keep track of a pen…” “That’s not true!” retorted the captain with mock offence. “And anyway, who said anything about tradition marriage? She would be my queen, we would conquer the universe together, freeing slaves and helping the downtrodden!”

He leapt up from his idleness and struck a heroic pose, swishing his pen in the air like a sword. “Hmmmm…” the ceo was not taken with this idea.

“You don’t agree?”

“It’s not about whether I agree or not. It’s more complicated than that.”

“Aha! You want her for yourself do you?” the captain roared with laughter. “You coy rascal! I’ve seen the way you look at her!”

The ceos face redden at this.

“It’s not that at all! If you ever paid attention in class you would notice she’s well spoken, well dressed, well read, she sits straight and upright…” “So it is her posture you fancy as well, eh?” the captain cut in with a sneer. “No, I mean these are all signs,” he sighed. “What I’m trying to say is who fancies her probably doesn’t matter. Their name will however.”

“What do you mean?”

“She is a result of good upbringing.” “Like yourself?” “Yes.”

“Actually, your parents and her parents know each other, don’t they?” “They’ve had business together in the past, yes.” “Ho-ho! I’d love to have some business with her someday!” the captain claimed dramatically. [ 22:23 ]

“Don’t be crass, she’s of different stock,” the ceo retorted. “You’re not from a rich family. You don’t understand how much of your life is planned and plotted. You have to be predictable. It’s like being a piece on a chess board. You might think you have control and freedom to go anywhere, but where you start and where you can actually go are predetermined. There’s a set amount of moves that you are expected to make within the confides of the board. Otherwise you fall off, or get taken out of the game.”

“Ah, I do feel very sorry for you wealthy people sometimes. You poor bastards,” the captain spoke with some jeer in his voice, but not without affection.

“If I hadn’t got that scholarship in here myself, I’d probably be campaigning on the streets for ya, collecting alms and starting shelters for you poor rich lads.” His friend smiled at this. Above them a drone whizzed through the air. “So what you are saying, is that I must work extra hard to deserve her!” realised the captain after some time. “It is decided so.” He sat down and ripped open one of his old books with great enthusiasm. “I want my queen to admire me, and if it’s knowledge she admires, than I will do my best to attain it! If it’s is wealth, than I will do my best to find it. I can mould myself into something she’ll love.” “Very well,” the ceo replied. (edited) [ 22:23 ][ 22:24 ] A bell rang in the distance and some students near by started to gather their things with worry, rushing towards the school. Another set of students remained where they were, laughing as they passed a cigarette between themselves. “What about you, friend?” the captain asked after some thought. “What do you mean?” “How will you win her heart? Are you going to show her all your leather bound books on business or amaze her with your stunning collection of maps?”

“Who? Amber?” the ceo scoffed. “You’re assuming I have even noticed her.” “Well, you haven’t written anything down for at least ten minutes, which is highly unusual; you always sit behind her in class so you can gaze at her; and you sweat profusely in her company. So, I’d say, yes. You’ve noticed her.” The ceo rolled his eyes. “I am not going to change my plan at all. What I want and what I will do are two different things. What I will do is keep my head down, study at every available opportunity, graduate and probably take over my fathers spore business on Pluto when I am ready.” “That’s a solid plan,” the captain replied. He scratched his chin. He was just staring to grow a beard. “So that is what you will do, but what do you want?” “Honestly?” the ceo took a deep breath and raised his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose. He thought of his friend with both admiration and envy. The captain seemed to think life was a playground where you could try any trivial ride that pleased you, and just get off if it did not suit. But true freedom was a freedom from disappointment and responsibility and consequences, and the ceo did not have that privilege.

It did not matter what he wanted; for his family only wanted what mattered from him - to continue to uphold their vows and views. He was a vessel for their way of life. (edited) [ 22:25 ] “What I really want,” he said finally, turning to his friend “is just to finish this assignment. We have Latin class soon, followed then by ‘Economics: The Fall of Fiat’ and you’re not copying my notes this time.” “Sure thing boss. Whatever you say,” the captain shrugged with a cordial smile. “Latin, huh? Who knew that would make a come back.” Ultimately it was not their decision and they knew this in their hearts. Her hand would go to a family and not the one individual who could profess their love more. The ceo was good stock, financially sound; predictable and with ancestors that could traced back to lofty lords with large lands. The captain was clever and witty, astute and outspoken; he possessed all the traits that made wealthy people nervous.

The ceo eventually married her on a grey day surrounded by expensive flowers, jewels and by a family more concerned with her second name than her happiness. The pirate could hear the bells toll from the church as he boarded a rickety ship called “The Diamond Beard” to seek adventure and leave his past behind him. Both were a bit bitter for having no choice. (edited) 3 10 September 2021

Part 4 - ???

When the CEO wakes up from his flashback, it has infuriated him even more having been dreaming, deep memories of the conflict from all that time ago - the conflict that broke the friendship of him and the captain apart.

He’s more irate than he’s ever been in his life. He pulls together his security forces - starting with his closest crew - his trusted crewmates. He just had his spy, his aid, Trident, become a spy - revealing his true face. He’s sketched. Who else could be a double agent?

He calls together his core crew and he says, “Go activate the bombs!” with spittle.

He’s rigged the mines to blow up, should something like this ever happen. Grand Canyon level impact on Pluto.

But even in his core crew, there’s a spy among them still. The one who’s a spy goes and tells the rebel the CEO has lost it.

“He’s really lost it, he’s going to blow this all up.”

The word becomes spread, instant evacuation is not a choice.

So, after sending out the core ten guys - he calls together the rest of the whole security forces. They march on the mine. The doors will blow - killing all the miners. They march to the mine, blow the doors. People are panicked, dying, unable to breathe.

It’s tyranny.

There’s a lrate contingent of armed rebels - they’re armed, because they’ve been working secretly as rebels for a long, long time.

Some dialogue is initiated from the rebel forces and the security forces.

“Now, we outweigh you. Lower your weapons.”

Rather than lose the weapons, the CEO just loses his mind.

“How dare you speak like that! You’re slaves! You can’t do this!”’s too late. Half of his men have already laid down their weapons - they’re only in it for the money, it seems. Their apathy to the work of the CEO becomes the slaves largest strength.

The CEO has nothing left to lose.

“Just kill them!”

A blood bath between the rebels and who is left of the security goes off.




The rebels know he has activated the bomb - and there are far more rebels left than security, not to speak over the many deaths from either side that result. Now, the bomb remains to be the immanent threat to everyone inside - as it always was.

The evacuation returns to be the main prerogative.

By the time over half of either side have evacuated, the CEO has found his own escape pod.

The mines,



And the priceless spore, that which this company centralised the distribution of in major part?

Blown up. If the CEO can’t have it, no-one can.

But, alas, one of the rebels has been communicating to the major spore mother. The spirits have been warning him.

And the spore has had a terrible time growing - the Co. have modified it beyond non-artificial production. It has been bleak for this spore overall.

But, a new sample is fertile.

In the form of an unearthed egg. Could the spore be universalised?

Made natural again?

As for the security that initially dropped their weapons, a question rests: what do they do now?

Diamond Beard is eventually shown the egg. The fertile spore is taken, and as long as its underground, it can blossom across the cosmos again. There is hope.


YOU! Yes, you! We need character fillouts. Ones we’ve already spoken about, and any new ones you might think about - even if they aren’t ready to be involved in the book just yet! We’d like a format of (and all or even just one trait is perfect!) You can either Create a new character Amend a new character (give them more features) Criticise a character (this could be better, this character could be improved, etc)

We will scrape everything that comes out and tidy it up - using the colour scheme of what you’ve edited, and who has edited it, would be fantastic. Get creative, folks!

NAME Appearance...e.g. Eyepatch, beard, heart-melting smile, etc. Personality e.g. INFJ, good/evil chaotic/lawful, What they want! E.g. Whatwhat is their object of desire? This is crucial to creating a good story coupled with…. What is their conflict or sacrifice? What do they regret, what must they give up? Every character has a fatal flaw they overcome. Which leads to...JOURNEY. How may this character trybe triedtrialed to overcome themselves, become bigger, like a PhoenixPheonix in flames? AND is welcome! If anyone would like to draw or model these characters, ARTISTS, here you are welcome to do so!


Trident the Slave**

Appearance: dark, bearded, good looking but is famished do to being a slave Personality: calculated and calm What they want!: Wants to be free and wants revenge on the CEO for enslaving him while working as a contractor. More than that he wants to survive. What is their conflict or sacrifice? Due to the current parley and relationship between the captain and CEO, he can not act and has to sacrifice the need for instant revenge due to the need to survive. All this leads to him being on the pirate crew. -jedi

The assistant

Appearance: young and strong breathtaking red hair Personality: Loyal very attentive to the CEO What they want!: Whatever the CEO wants, Cult like devotion. Her goal is to bring his goals to fruition. What is their conflict or sacrifice? She is willing to give her life for the CEO to a flaw Which leads to: A short role in the book lol (we can change this)Main role is to add to the overall environment or story dynamics

Long Johnson Silver

Appearance: Baby face with long dreadlocks. Tall, dark and well endowed (lol) Personality: Loyal pirate but loses focus in the presence of women. Very flirtatious and rash,
What they want!: Wants booty(treasure) and booty(you know) What is their conflict or sacrifice?: Too much fightinh\g and not enough f...loving.
Role tbd

The Lover from the Past: Daisy

Appearance: Pretty hair and eyes. Grew to be tall and thicker than a snicker. Personality: down to earth in the past, now a very strict government official that plays no games. What they want!: In the past she wanted the typical fairy tail life and now she just wants order. What is their conflict or sacrifice?:in the past it's the CEO and Diamond beard. Maybe in the future, she runs into one of them again during space patrol? Unresolved love issues could affect her decision making on the job? She can become a major character or have a brief appearance in the flashback.