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PAGE Marketing Strategy


NFTs have really taken off over the past year or so. Ending 2020 with a total market capitalization of $385M, in April of 2021 the NFT Market had already exceeded $22B in total size, meaning it is on track to more than 10x in size during 2021. Our hypothesis at WIPP in founding the PAGE network is that there is room for new asset classes to move into the NFT space to take advantage of the unique properties of non-fungible tokens and the blockchains they reside upon to simplify and decentralize the market for books.

PAGE is a revolutionary new blockchain network designed to make it easier than ever before to buy, sell, read, transfer, lend, and borrow books using Web3.0 technology. To market PAGE, it will be important to consider the blockchain aptitude of given market niches to accept and begin utilizing blockchain technology to solve the problems facing book users in today’s market.

More specifically, it will be necessary to find ways to cater to buyers, investors, and collectors who already know what an NFT is and are at least familiar enough with blockchain technology to purchase an NFTBook using cryptocurrency. As a result, there will be two main types of campaigns: education and awareness, until such time as an easy-to-use UI is developed. This strategy is intended to enable PAGE network to develop to reach the widest audience possible by starting small, with a dedicated client base in today’s cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts.


Non-native crypto users who discover the PAGE network and want to participate in its growth by buying NFTBooks, self-publishing NFTBooks, publishing NFTBooks on behalf of writers, or adding NFTBook editions of out-of-copyright content to it are encouraged to do so and educated via video and written content about how to do so. Rewards for this education are provided in $PAGE tokens which will be set aside for this purpose at launch. The program can be re-evaluated as time goes by to determine appropriate reward thresholds to obtain maximum engagement for the minimum amount of investment.

PAGE Network Education will be similar in character to the approach taken by Coinbase Earn. Videos could be watched in return for a reward paid in $PAGE tokens which users could then use to purchase NFTBooks.


Tweets, Medium articles, YouTube videos, and other content centered around what NFTBooks are and how they work, in addition to hype campaigns for specific NFTBooks published by WIPP or other NFTBook publishers will serve to boost awareness of the NFTBook project among people who already understand the core concepts needed to engage with the current community in a meaningful way.

Awareness campaigns will serve to boost the public’s engagement with the WIPP community to facilitate the growth of NFTBook creation, sales, and other transactions. The PAGE token should stand to benefit as well, and community-driven engagement campaigns will be welcomed with open arms by the WIPP core development team.


Events will take place via video/voice either synchronously or asynchronously in Discord and in real life, including in-person events as well as Twitter Spaces events, Clubhouse events, Live broadcasts to YouTube, and author-requested events to suit the needs of a given textual artifact/audience.

Events will include community-led book clubs, author-led book signings, a weekly TokenSmart show via Discord, and regular shows on the WIPP discord channel for WIPP-backed authors.