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DAO Drop Plan

Introduction (Ethereum, 10M PAGE)

WIP Publishing is launching the PAGE token to create a decentralized blockchain network for books. DRM, buying and selling, borrowing and lending, liquidity as a property of semi-fungible NFT asset classes, and the rapid assimilation of off-chain literature are all goals which can be facilitated rapidly via decentralized network and governance. Ethereum is where the network will begin as a platform; a Cosmos SDK chain is the end goal for two reasons: effective on-chain governance and an application-specific blockchain with high throughput and low costs to operate.

The Plan

DAOs and decentralization-oriented companies (communities) in the cryptocurrency/NFT space will be the recipients of grants of $PAGE equal to 15% of the total supply of PAGE tokens over the first sixteen months of network activity. The benefits for the PAGE network are clear: decentralization and marketing, as well as primary functions for transferring, buying, and selling NFTBooks are the primary pain points that this strategy addresses. Substantial value may accrue to recipients who sell, hold, or LP (provide liquidity for) their PAGE tokens against first ETH and later Cosmos, Osmosis and other chains on a variety of DEXes.

Ideal Grant Recipients

A good fit between the PAGE network and a DAO grant recipient will involve:

A plan to distribute the tokens to community members and/or hold them in a community treasury; Possible collaborations between the WIPP team and grant recipient communities; Participation on the part of $PAGE recipients in the development and governance of the PAGE network; Possible participation by recipient organizations in $PAGE LPs to earn $PAGE liquidity mining incentives. (total incentives: 30% of total $PAGE supply during initial phase)

Estimated Grant Details

Total token allocation: 15% of max ETH supply, over 1.5 years, distributed to successful prior grant recipients and/or new recipients as decided by the WIPP team until the PAGE DAO becomes operational and takes control of these decisions (subject to change upon Cosmos IBC token launch); 10 community recipients per allocation period, stratified according to perceived level of alignment between PAGE DAOโ€™s interests and those of recipient communities; Varying allocations in the range of .1% to 1% of token supply to be granted immediately to participants with no strings attached; Additional or unclaimed $PAGE may be allocated to individual recipients.