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PageDAO Partners

PageDAO Partners are organizations throughout the Metaverse who share the goals of creative earning and open source software that have motivated PageDAO and Cent and so many other Web3 organizations to build their best.

1. Meta-Builders.

2. Cent.

3. Polygon.

4. Cryptoversal Books.

5. Scholar & Scribe DAO.

6. SitkaWorld.

7. NiftyLit. NiftyLit, LLC is a literary magazine and publishing company publishing curated, short-form literary works paired with bespoke illustrations as unlockable-content literary NFTs. Leveraging blockchain technology, NiftyLit’s mission is to create a more equitable publishing ecosystem, one in which artists and writers can earn meaningful compensation for their work. The magazine publishes issues monthly and anthologies quarterly, and the company is set to publish its first full length works in early 2023. Read the NiftyLit Pledge, crafted by the NiftyLit team, at

8. TokenSmart.

9. Panvala. Panvala is a funding partner for PageDAO. To participate in Panvala community funding campaigns, please visit Panvala's Stamps page and select a Stamp to earn. Do what the description asks, and receive your stamp. Then name PageDAO as the community to benefit from your participation and Panvala will help fund PageDAO activities and growth, to the tune of the amount of stamps earned by PageDAO community members who make this selection

10. Vagobond Magazine Vagobond Magazine is a multimedia Web3 Community and Publication for creatives . In particular Vagobond Magazine is focused on the ongoing development of Web3 as both a technology and a community as well as the evolution of storytelling through generative NFTs, immersive Web3 projects, and forward thinking use-cases and iterations of concepts like book, magazine, and even reading itself.

Your Project Here?

There are many others who hold PAGE from the DAO drop or have bought in with the intention of setting up partnerships yet to come. Times are exciting, reach out to [email protected] to learn more about partnerships with PageDAO today!