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Page Token

The Page Token was deployed on July 28, 2021 with an initial supply cap at 10M tokens.

To protect investors and DAO members who were to earn/be granted tokens, the supply was broken into chunks according to the whitepaper.

3M were locked into TosDis for LP Mining Incentivization:

3M were locked into a Unicrypt smart contract for Development/Strategic Reserve purposes, managed by WIP Publishing, INC. Lock ID 419.

500k were locked into a Unicrypt smart contract for the Founders of the Project. They finish vesting and will be distributed in January, 2023.

2M tokens were set aside for volume mining and have been diverted to liquidity mining and staking rewards to take effect before current liquidity staking incentives run out.

1.5M were placed into the PageDAO Community Multisig to be distributed to other organizations and individuals throughout Web3 to grow the DAO's userbase and footprint. 650k remain.

Currently, over 400k PAGE are locked into the LP on Ethereum Mainnet at a price of under $.01.

WIP Publishing holds over 1.2M PAGE, and Meta-Builders holds an estimated 400k.

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Updated 10/7/2022.