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How do I get PAGE?

To be able to hold any amount of PAGE, ETH or any other crypto currrency, this is, currencies based on Ethereum Blockchain, you will need a cryptowallet, wich allows you to interact with the Blockchain and all its Decentralized Applications (Dapps), like for example, Metamask.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a free crypto wallet that is used as a browser extension. Basically it acts as a "bridge" between your computer, conventional websites and the blockchain (in this case Ethereum). It can be used with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave and there are apps for Android and iOS.

How to create a new crypto wallet with Metamask?

  • Step 1: Download and install the app add-on

    The first thing you have to do is install the add-on in your Chrome browser or the mobile app that suits you best on the Metamask page. If you are desktop, you can visit this link directly and click on "Add to Chrome" . Once accepted and added to your browser, you will see the fox icon at the top right in the extensions bar.

Metamask Main Site

  • Step 2: Follow the help wizard to create your wallet

    To start creating an account, simply hit the fox icon in your browser and select "Start Now" . It will ask you if you want to import a wallet or create a new one . Click on create a new one. It will generate a unique Seed phrase and prompt you to write a password that should be different to the ones you have on other sites such as email or Facebook to ensure good security.

  • Step 3: We write down the seed phrase

    The seed phrase is the most important part of the entire process of creating an account in Metamask. In fact, it is not by chance that Metamask does a double check to see that we have it correctly writed down.

The seed phrase is the key you will use to restore access to our wallet on any device. With this phrase, anyone can acces and use your founds. It is very important to store this phrase in safely, either on a physical format and hide it so only you know where it is, use a Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger, or something like that. Never ever store this security phrase on a digital medium with internet access and no security .

Once we have written it down and thought of a safe place to save it, we will double check in Metamask by completing the seed phrase in the right order.

How do I use Metamask?

Using Metamask is quite simple: when you visit a web page that needs you to connect your wallet, click on the button and the Metamask extension will pop up and ask for your authorization. On the other hand, if you attend an event where they give POAPs or want to be sent ETH , just give your Ethereum address.

When you click on the Fox icon you will be prompted to Unblock your wallet with the previous created password (NOT your Seed Phrase) in this window, below "Account 1", you will see a number starting with "0x ...". That number is your Ethereum address. This address is like a bank account number, or email address - is the one you have to give so ppl can send you ETH, NFTs, and Ethereum-based tokens.

Also, with Metamask, we can use our account to connect to virtual environments like Decentraland, The Sandbox Game or Cryptovoxels.

We must be careful when connecting our wallet to a website, since many times we do not know what we are signing. Therefore, it is convenient to use it on sites we trust or use an alternative wallet without cryptocurrencies to test first.

How to add Tokens and Custom Tokens

Usually, Metamask shows in the "Assets" tab all the ERC20 standard tokens (or cryptocurrencies) that you own. If one of the tokens in your wallet does not show automatically, you can go down and select "Add token". This will open a search bar showing the most used standard tokens. Once you click on one of them and hit "Next" and "Add Token", it will appear on the list.

enter image description here

Sometimes the token you are looking for will not appear in the default list, like PAGE. In that case, click on "Custom Token" and you will simply have to enter the contract address in the first field, that you can get from the page site on CoinGecko, the acronyms or letters with which you want it to be displayed (for example, PAGE) and the number of decimals you want to show.

How to buy/sell PAGE

  • Step 1: Purchase ETH

    So now that you have your own crypto wallet, you will need to fund it with some ETH, to be able to buy PAGE. To do this, go to any of the major exchanges like Coinbase and follow their instructions to purchase.

  • Step 2: Transfer ETH to your Metamask wallet

    Follow directions on Coinbase or whichever DEX you purchased your ETH for sending to your Metamask crypto wallet. Once you have ETH in your wallet, it's time to buy some PAGE.

  • Step 3: Swap ETH for PAGE on Uniswap

PAGE can only be currently traded on the decentralized exchange (DEX), Uniswap. Through this platform we can sell or buy PAGE (and many other ERC-20 Tokens in a decentralized, peer to peer manner).

Go to Uniswap and enter an amount of ETH you would like to swap as PAGE.

Again, as in the Metamask case, PAGE will not be listed on the dropdown menu, but when you click it you can just paste the PAGE contract address on the Searchbar like you did on Metamask, and it will register it.

After the desired amount is entered, you can just click on "Swap" Button and the proccess will begin. Usually, is just 1 transaction, but if it is the first time you swap that token, it will ask you first for a token aproval, and then for the swap. So it will be a total of 2 transactions on Ethereum to pay gas for.

How to earn PAGE

Buying is not the only way to get PAGE, you can go to our Discord become part of our NFTBooks Lovers comunity, be active, and interact with all the cool stuff that happens there. We Have several events a week and activities you can earn some PAGE for participating into! and we have also bounties, wich are little tasks to help the project/community that you will be rewarded to the first person doing them.

What can I do with my PAGE?

In the future? A lot of stuff, governing the DAO, buying books, and a lot more! Right now, what you can do is participating on the staking program, and keep earning those juicy PAGE!

But, what is staking?

Staking is a way to put your crypto to work and earn rewards on it. Staking cryptocurrencies comes in 2 forms a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions, on a Proof of Stake Blockchain or a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a crypto project and be rewarded by doing it. Page DAO is the second form.

We have reserved some PAGE to reward people that decide, not only to buy our token, but to block and hold their assets. This is proof that they are trusting on the project, and we can relatively discard that people is just gonna "dump" our Token into the market. For that, we will reward those individuals with more PAGE.

How do I stake my PAGE?

  • Step 1: Go to Tosdis.Finance

Tosdis is the platform that is currently giving PAGE DAO the Staking as a Service. So as with uniswap, go to their main site and launch de app. Or to be quicker, you can follow this link to go to our staking pool directly

  • Step 2: Stake it!

As with any other Dapp, if you have not already, connect your metamask on the upper right corner of the app.

Now you will be in a page like this:

enter image description here

Again, same as with Uniswap, if its the first time you are using this service you will have to do 2 transactions on Ethereum, 1 to approve, and the other the actual amount that you will stake.

NOTE: Staking requires you to provide the same amount of BOTH Tokens, in this case, ETH and PAGE.

When the transactions are done, you can just wait and be rewarded!